Electronic products are easily damaged by incorrect installation, connection, or handling. Unlike consumer electronic products which are supplied as complete working units, requiring only the installation of batteries or plugging into a mains power outlet, our products are supplied as bare modules which require many external connections to be made to them in order for them to operate.

These connections are made by the customer when he uses our products as part of his music project. In order for the product to operate correctly it is imperative that the installer fully understands how his chosen module is intended to work, and is competent to connect and install it correctly, as failure to do so will result in damage to the module.

We provide many comprehensive explanations and instructions in text format on the download page of the website in the form of installation and user manuals, as well as a comprehensive collection of instructional videos on our YouTube channel. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that he fully understands the function and installation procedure for any of our products before purchasing. If the customer does not understand the way that the product is to be installed and used then we strongly recommend that they revisit out training materials or consider using a local technician to assist them. The modules that we supply are necessarily technically complex and, as mentioned previously, they are easily damaged by incorrect connection as well as other electrical variations from our published instructions.


Our warranty and returns policy necessarily takes into account the limitations discussed in the previous paragraph as well as maintaining a fair service to our customers.

Modules can only be returned for a refund if they have not been soldered to. If you change your mind and wish to return a product it must be in such a condition that we can resell it as new. It will be obvious that a module has been used, if the solder pads have had solder applied, and this would prohibit us reselling it.

Modules which appear to be faulty can be returned at the buyers expense and must be clearly marked as “Warranty Return – Zero Value” on the customs form if returned from outside the UK. We will not accept any returns that require us to pay import taxes due to being incorrectly labelled by the customer, and in this case the item will be returned to the sender. We will accept no liability for any shipping charges or taxes.

Once we receive the module we will test it, and if it is found to be faulty due to any manufacturing defect we will either repair or replace it free of charge. We will also refund the shipping charge which the customer has paid for returning the item to us. We will then send the repaired/replaced module back to the customer with free shipping.

If the module is not found to be faulty we will charge an inspection fee (currently £70) and send the module back to the customer. The customer will be responsible for the shipping charges.

If the module is found to be faulty due to any reason other than manufacturing defect we will charge an inspection fee (currently £70), endeavour to ascertain what has caused the fault, and inform the customer what we think has gone wrong. Without prejudice and at our discretion we may repair or replace the module at a reduced rate in certain circumstances. The customer will be responsible for the shipping charges.

At our discretion we may video the unpacking and testing of products returned under warranty and make these videos available to the customer as unlisted videos on YouTube by sharing the url with the customer.