Hauptwerk Hardware Services

If you would like some help converting or building a console there are a number of ways I can help.

If you have acquired an organ to convert, or have a bare console it can sometimes be a little tricky deciding on the best plan of action to begin actually wiring your new project. So why not hire me for a day?  I will come to your premises and help you plan exactly how to get your console up and running, then I will help you actually get started wiring it all up. You’ll be surprised at how much we can cover in a single day, and knowing that you’re doing it right will help give you the confidence to go ahead and finish the project yourself.  I am based in Surrey but cover all of the UK mainland. My fees are £450 a day plus expenses.[1]

It’s a sad fact, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.  Occasionally we just need a little bit of help to get a project back on track, so if something isn’t working as expected or you’re having trouble with your build or conversion then why not have me come over for the day and help out? Whatever the problem, together we can fix it.[2]

Thinking of converting an organ or building a console but not sure you want the worry of doing it yourself?  Sometimes it’s just quicker and easier to get a professional to do the job. I will come to your premises and convert your organ or wire up your console from start to finish for you.  You won’t have to worry about learning new skills, buying tools or parts, or any other problems, and you get a full 12 month guarantee. What’s more it can often be cheaper than you think, for example a two manual, full pedalboard organ with 40 unlit stops and a single swell shoe would work out at around £1800 including all parts and labour. A two manual organ with pedalboard, two effects shoes, 48 motorised stops and 30 thumb/toe pistons would come in at around £4500.[3]

  1. Expenses are primarily fuel and travel costs. Depending on distance it may be necessary for me to take overnight accommodation. This is usually with a local hotel. I simply charge you what they charge me. I do not accept offers of accommodation from customers.
  2. Any problems with your wiring or our products will be fixed, however I cannot guarantee that problems with your existing hardware can be fixed by me. For example things like intermittent switches , keys, stops and so on. Whilst I will do my best to solve all problems I will accept no liability for your existing faulty hardware.
  3. Prices quoted are for all electronic parts, wiring  and labour required to convert your organ or console for MIDI operation so that it may be used with the Hauptwerk Software.  Prices assume that you have a complete organ or console to begin with and do not include any switches, stops, keyboards, contacts, effects shoes etc.  Price is for MIDI conversion only and does not include time for installing or configuring the Hauptwerk software. I am happy to help with configuring your PC/software/audio etc. but this will incur an additional charge, usually my day rate of £450. These prices are  subject to additional expenses as detailed in note 1 above. Guarantee covers all new parts and labour supplied by me only.  I cannot guarantee your existing parts against failure and so will accept no liability for their subsequent failure or any consequential loss however caused.