Tutti – Full Organ Encoder


The Tutti, as it’s name suggests, is a ‘Full Organ’ Midi encoder, meaning that just one encoder is all that’s required for all but the biggest organ consoles, saving you time and money.

• MIDI out over both 5 pin din and USB.
• Scan speed over 20 times faster than the original ‘Universal Midi Encoder’.
• Fatar keyboards simply plug in using our Fatar Keyboard Splits.
• Plug in up to 6 keyboards along with stops and pistons, couplers etc.
• No programming required.
• Works with Hauptwerk, GrandOrgue and other synth modules with 5 pin MIDI in.
• 8 x 8 scan matrix directly compatible with many commercial keyboards
• Tutti connection strips available providing simple connection for keyboards, stops & pistons.
• Easy to interface with both Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue on Windows™ or Linux.
• Range of detailed ‘How to’ videos available to watch on YouTube show you exactly how to use the Tutti range to create your dream console.

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The Tutti Midi encoder has been developed specially for the professional organ builder. Used in
conjunction with the optional Tutti Connection Strips or Fatar keyboards it makes wiring an entire
console much faster and easier than other solutions, which is exactly what our professional
customers have asked for.

It requires no programming and is much faster in operation than the original ‘Universal Encoder’. It is
designed to simply plug in and work. It has seven 16 way IDC type sockets for connection to
keyboards, pedal boards, stops and pistons as well as three analogue inputs for swell and effects
pedals. Each input sends Midi data on a different channel. Channels 1 to 7 are used for the keyboard
inputs and channels 8, 9 & 10 for the analogue inputs. The scan matrix is 8×8 giving 64 possible
inputs for each channel*.

Connecting keyboards couldn’t be easier! The Tutti Encoder has been designed to work with the
range of Fatar keyboards and using our optional ‘Fatar Keyboard Split’ and leads, you can simply
plug in up to 6 Fatar keyboards and you’re good to go, it really is as simple as that *.

If you have other makes of keyboard that use an 8×8 matrix then once you have figured out the
pinouts of your keyboards you can simply plug them right in to the encoder and you’re good.

For keyboards with other connection arrangements or with simple contacts for each key you can
easily connect them using the optional Tutti Connection Strips. These have 64 input pairs that
allow you to connect each key individually or in groups of eight and then simply plug the
connection strip into the Tutti Encoder via a 16way IDC ribbon cable (available separately).

The Connection Strips contain all the necessary diodes and take care of grouping the inputs into 8’s.
Each input on the connection strip is labelled with the relevant note, making connecting keyboards
virtually foolproof.

Stops and pistons can also be wired directly to the Tutti Connection Strips making the wiring of a
console much faster and easier than ever before.

The analogue inputs consist of three pins which simply connect directly to the three connections on
a potentiometer. If you have effects pedals which do not use potentiometers, there are other ways to
connect analogue inputs as well.

The Midi data is sent out via the standard 5 pin din socket mounted on the encoder as well as via
USB. The Tutti encoder is a class compliant MIDI device and is recognised natively by both
Windows and Linux meaning no extra drivers are required, simply plug in via USB and you’re good
to go!

* Channel 7 is limited to 56 possible inputs due to technical reasons, channels 1 through 6 have 64 inputs.