Tutti Connection Strip


  • Large solder pads make connecting wires a breeze.
  • Optional 2.54mm pitch male header pins for those who want to use crimp connectors.
  • Each connection pad is clearly marked with the note name making wiring foolproof.
  • All necessary diodes and grouping circuitry is on board.
  • Each Strip has 64 inputs, enough for a single 5 octave keyboard or 64 stops or pistons.
  • The Connection Strip simply plugs into the Tutti encoder via a 16 way IDC cable (Available Separately).
  • Each Strip easily mounts behind each keyboard. This makes wiring short and accessible.
  • Dimensions: 380mm long, 50mm wide, depth to top of socket 15mm.
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The Tutti Connection Strips are designed to provide an easy way to connect all of your keyboards
and other controls within your console to the Tutti Midi Encoder.
They have 64 input pairs that allow you to connect each key individually in groups of eight and then
simply plug the connection strip into the Tutti Encoder via a 16way IDC ribbon cable (available
The Connection Strips contain all the necessary diodes and take care of grouping the inputs into
eights. Each input on the connection strip is labelled with the relevant note, making connecting
keyboards virtually foolproof.
Stops and pistons can also be wired directly to the Tutti Connection Strips making the wiring of a
console much faster and easier than ever before.

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Header Pins (For Crimp Connectors)

With Header Pins, Without Header Pins