Motorized Stop Controller


    Product Features.

    • USB MIDI interface as well as legacy MIDI 5 pin DIN built-in.

    • Class compliant MIDI device – No additional MIDI drivers required.

    • USB Communications port built in – allows for easy maintenance & troubleshooting.

    • Powered by USB – No other power source required except the stop motors supply.

    • Solder pads for easy & reliable connection.

    • Calibrates pulse times (power) for each individual stop.

    • Allows user to manually set pulse times (power) for individual stops, if required.

    • Scans the stop switches and drives the coils (motors).

    • Compatible with Hauptwerk, Grand Orgue and most other organ software.

    • Drive up to 48 magnets (24 draw knobs or tabs).

    • Notifies organ software if stop fails to move.

    • Accommodates enough current for General Cancel of all stop motors simultaneously .

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    What is it?

    The Hauptwerk Hardware Motorized Stop Controller is a device that facilitates using motorized stops (sometimes called Moving, or powered) stops, within a Midi organ system. It controls the movement of the physical stops when one operates the stop via the organ software, i.e. turns a stop on or off via a touch screen, as well as operating the virtual stop within the organ software when one operates the physical stop. It is commonly installed between a computer running a Midi virtual organ or capture system and the physical stops of the console.

    What does it do?

    It communicates, via Midi, with the computer and generates and manages the timing of the pulses necessary to operate the coils within the physical stops. It works with all types of motorized stops, whether they be draw-stops or tab-stops. Because motorized stops always operate at a higher voltage and current than can be connected directly to a computer, this controller sits, electrically speaking, between the computer and the physical stops, allowing them to work seamlessly together.

    Who is it for?

    The Hauptwerk Hardware Motorized stop controller has been designed for use by anyone who wants to use motorized stops or tabs with any type of Midi capable microprocessor controlled equipment, primarily in the realm of the digital electronic organ. Interfacing motorized stops to sensitive computer equipment is fraught with pitfalls! This stop controller has been designed to make it as risk free and easy as possible, whilst providing advanced features and communications, which both simplify installation and, any necessary troubleshooting, as well as ongoing maintenance. This controller is aimed at both the professional organ builder as well as the home enthusiast building a virtual organ system.

    Board dimensions (WxLxH): 177 x 177 x 25mm (7″ x 7″ x 1”).