Fatar Keyboard Split


The Fatar Keyboard Split is designed to provide an easy way to connect your Fatar keyboard to the Tutti Midi Encoder.

It has three 16 way connectors, two connect to the red sockets on the Fatar keyboard via the ribbon cables with the matching red plugs. The remaining connector connects to the Tutti Encoder. It’s that simple. Just plug in and you’re good to go!

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The Fatar Keyboard Split is used to easily make connections between your Fatar keyboards and the Tutti Encoder.

  • Simply plug in your keyboard and then plug the Fatar Keyboard Split into your encoder.

  • Two ribbon cables are supplied which connect directly to the Fatar keyboard.

  • The Fatar Keyboard Split simply plugs into the Tutti encoder via a 16 way IDC cable.

  • Range of detailed ‘How to’ videos available to watch on YouTube show you exactly how to use the Tutti range to create your dream console.