Engineering know-how meets musical passion.

First I must point out that Hauptwerk Hardware is not owned by, part of, or affiliated with, either or Milan Digital Audio. We do however believe that the Hauptwerk product is simply awesome as it allows anyone to affordably experience what it is like to hear and play many of the greatest organs on earth.

Hauptwerk also provides impressive full featured (in terms of sound, feel and functionality) instruments for places of worship where a full pipe organ would be either too large or too expensive. We can even install a Hauptwerk system behind the facade of a non-working pipe organ, providing the authentic sound and look, but for a fraction of the price of repairing & maintaining the existing instrument.

Some people are passionate about Engineering. Some people are passionate about Music. Some people are passionate about the sound of pipes. Few people are all three!  By bringing together the engineering skills, musical passion and love of that real pipe sound I believe that we are in a perfect position to bring you the best available solution for your Hauptwerk project.

We are real engineers who enjoy providing solutions and consultancy to both prospective and established Hauptwerk users. We do this because we are motivated by the possibilities afforded by Milan Digital Audio’s Hauptwerk software for situations where a real pipe organ would be either inappropriate or prohibitively expensive, either to repair or to provide new.

Here at Hauptwerk Hardware we work hard to bring you innovative and affordable solutions to playing your Hauptwerk Virtual Organs.

In order to be able to bring you these products at reasonable prices we design and prototype all our products in-house and release them for sale as soon as we have achieved a stable and reliable product. This means that whilst many of our products are fully functional, they may not have the look of mass produced products. Mass production would require us to order batches of thousands of each product, tying up capital and preventing any improvements or modifications until the next batch is made.

Since the virtual organ console market is a small one we are certain that offering small quantities of bespoke, often handmade, products will bring you the solutions you want at sensible prices allowing you to realise your Hauptwerk dreams sooner.

Bob Howlett.
 Owner Hauptwerk Hardware dot com